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Rory the Zoroark & Sonata the Purrloin [wip]


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Rory the Zoroark & Sonata the Purrloin [wip]

Post by Abysswalker on Sun Aug 10, 2014 7:43 pm

Rory and Sonata

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Soothe Bell


Aging Adult

#571:  Zoroark, the Illusion Fox Pokemon
#509: Purrloin, the Devious Pokemon


179 lbs
19 lbs

Pokedex Entry:
Bonds between these Pokémon are very strong. It protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponents. (Y)

They steal from people for fun, but their victims can't help but forgive them. Their deceptively cute act is perfect. (Y)




Likes to run
Often lost in thought

-Agility (Level-Up)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Night Slash (Level-Up)
-Dark Pulse (TM)

-Scratch (Level-Up)
-Growl (Level-Up)





Tall and heavy, Rory's natural thin frame is deceiving; his years of battling have given him a great amount of strength, though his body is starting to lose it gradually as he ages. The Zoroark is very active and kept up his training and exercise to try and ward off chronic pain. While his health is on a slow decline, Rory is still an experienced fighter.

Like other Zoroarks, Rory has gray fur and a massive, red mane. This mane almost always holds a small Purrloin; he carries Sonata like any Zoroark would carry a baby Zorua. The Zoroark's fur has began to turn white in some places, especially his muzzle, easily giving away his lifespan. On his right paw, the Zoroark has a broken claw, an injury received in his days as a trainer Pokemon. He is well-aware of these things and is not bothered by either.

Rory is highly protective of Sonata, and his stance tends to reflect it. She is tucked into his mane and usually well-hidden, should they be in an unsafe area or around strange Pokemon. He will also carry the small cat and keep her very close; no matter where she is, Rory is tense and battle-ready, prepared to defend Sonata against any threat. Should a Pokemon gain his absolute trust, Rory will be much more relaxed, with Sonata more visible than she would be otherwise.


Sonata is a small, thin Purrloin, made weak by her often-unbalanced health. She has the normal coloration of her species, with a thin and patchy pelt. She looks very ill, but this is more a combination of malnutrition and insomnia than actual sickness.

Being paraplegic, Sonata cannot feel or move her hindlegs. They must constantly be checked for possible injury or anything that could be harmful, as her own nerves can no longer fulfill that task. Sonata has become well-adjusted to her limited physical movement, utilizing her non-injured forelegs and claws to move around if necessary. Usually, she stays in Rory's mane or arms, unashamed to let him carry her around.

Sonata is always smiling sadly, with posture reflecting someone who has resigned themselves to a sad fate. She never appears to be defeated, rather just accepting of the new world and her role in it.


Rory is calm and level-headed; very few things can make him truly angry. He has a cynical viewpoint of other survivors, believing them to be only self-interested. Rory does keep these thoughts to himself, and tries to get along with his fellow survivors even with such negative views. The Zoroark is unwilling to believe someone would care about a child like Sonata unless proven otherwise; those genuinely concerned for the Purrloin will earn his respect. While he can be very pessimistic about certain situations, Rory is generally a straightforward and rational-minded Pokemon.

He treats Sonata like his own daughter, even carrying her around like a Zoroark would with their young. Rory is very protective and concerned with the Purrloin's well-being. While she is not forced to hide from survivors, and does talk to them, Rory does not let anyone he doesn't absolutely trust near her. He does not see other Pokemon having good intentions, and would not risk them trying to hurt Sonata. Should a Pokemon threaten or attempt to harm her, Rory will transform into 179-pounds of pure rage. He would not hesitate to seriously injure the attacker, and can easily go too far and kill them. Unfortunately, should one Pokemon attack, Rory will be angry and lose all gained trust in the rest of the group, even though they did nothing to Sonata.

Protecting Sonata is the only time he will lose his cool in such a destructive manner. Usually, Rory views conflict between the living to be a waste of time and effort. He stays out of arguments, preferring to keep Sonata seperate from such things.


Sonata is quite mature, despite her young age. Quiet and mostly withdrawn, she is usually not noticed when hiding in Rory's mane. Sonata, like Rory, finds little point in conflict, but unlike him does not fly into a rage should her guardian be threatened. The Purrloin has full confidence in his ability to protect himself. Sonata doesn't care if she's attacked herself; the Purrloin firmly believes that she will not live through the epidemic, and has stopped thinking about herself or the world. The Purrloin had little self-esteem or empathy for others, due to her emotional detachment. The only person she cares about anymore is, of course, Rory. She finds him to be the only thing worthwhile in the world as it is.

With her fatalist viewpoint, Sonata finds it easier to accept her perceived inevitable end and chaotic world. She makes an attempt to be kind to everyone, not out of any love or fondness for them, but because she doesn't see why she should spend the rest of her days being cruel or stressed. While she might initially be seen as a nice person, Sonata's detachment and unconcern will become increasingly obvious over time.

Sonata feels no shame or anger towards her condition. Before the epidemic, she hated being unable to walk, and was hopeful that one day she could make a recovery. The epidemic changed that, though; seeing death all around her and losing her family has vastly changed the Purrloin over the years. No matter how good things may seem, or how strong her guardian Rory is, Sonata remains convinced that something will happen to her eventually.

User Notes:
-Possible Meteor Team candidates


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