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Jon the Glaceon and Aiden the Houndoom [WIP]


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Jon the Glaceon and Aiden the Houndoom [WIP]

Post by Abysswalker on Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:58 pm

(No image for these two as of yet!)

Jon and Aiden
Hex Color Jon - #C0C0C0
Aiden - #FF3333
Item Red Scarf
Gender Male both
Age Young Adult (early twenties)
Aging Adult
Species #471: Glaceon, The Fresh Snow Pokemon #229: Houndoom, The Dark Pokemon
Height 2'09"
Weight 54 lbs
75 lbs
Pokédex Entry It lowers its body heat to freeze its fur. The hairs then become like needles it can fire.(Y)
The flames it breathes when angry contain toxins. If they cause a burn, it will hurt forever. (Y)
Level 25
Ability Snow Cloak
Flash Fire
Nature Rash
Characteristic Strong-willed
Good endurance
Moves - Bite (Level-Up)
- Ice Fang (Level Up)
- Detect (Egg Move)
- Ice Shard (Level-Up)

- Roar(Level Up)
- Smog (Level Up)
- Fire Fang (Level Up)
- Faint Attack (Level Up)
History >history here<

>history here!<
Jon shares most of the same traits of the rest of his kind, excluding a  minor height difference and his grey eyes. The Glaceon has a large, ugly scar stretching from his left shoulder to mere inches below his eye. It is completely healed, since Jon acquired it near the beginning of the epidemic.
Besides his physical traits, Jon also wears a ragged, light red scarf around his neck, which is filthy and torn in places. He pulled it off of a dead body, caring little about where it came from.

Aiden is covered in scars of all sizes, though most of them are faint and not easily seen through his dark fur. He is physically powerful and able to handle pain, which is (along with the scars) a product of the countless battles in his youth. Unfortunately, no longer being at his prime, the Houndoom's massive strength has began to wane.

Excluding his numerous scars, Aiden looks the same as any other Houndoom would.


Jon is a controlling, paranoid, and reckless individual. Unfortunately, the Glaceon does not recognize these traits in himself. He lacks any type of self-reflection or evaluation. In Jon's mind, he is a mature and natural leader, when in reality, the exact opposite is true. Almost anything he says or does could come off as arrogant and pretentious, thus Jon has a difficult time adjusting into groups.

Jon is easily frustrated, mainly by his inability to understand why others are repelled by his personality. If faced with a difficult situation, he will shift the blame from himself in a desperate attempt to save face. This behavior is a force of habit: while not consciously aware of his shortcomings, some part of Jon is unwilling to let others see that he, too, can make mistakes.

With his inflated view of himself, it's hardly surprising that Jon has a fragile ego. The slightest insult, the tiniest offense will be like a wound to him. He's not quick to forgive and can nurse a grudge for long amounts of time. Since Jon is not particularly tough, or intimidating, this attitude is yet another harmful drawback against him.

The Glaceon spares little thought for the safety and well being of his fellow survivors, save Aiden. He throws himself recklessly into dangerous situations, believing that he is clever and strong enough to keep himself out of harm's way. While Aiden can curb this behavior to some extent, Jon is too stubborn and shortsighted to actually think about consequences.

To sum it all up...Jon is a social disaster waiting to happen.

-Being the only one of his immediate family to have a serious, level-headed nature, Aiden has a habit of being the Pokemon that tries to keep everyone in line.
-He is stubborn and occasionally harsh, using insults as a sort of stress-relief. If he does insult someone, it's rarely out of actual spite.
-Aiden is very taciturn around strangers, reserving his words for Pokemon he knows personally.
-Despite his gruff personality, his dealings with Jon have left Aiden with a lot of patience; not many other Pokemon can actually get on his nerves.
-Cares deeply for Jon, though he rarely expresses it. Despite the Glaceon's personality, Aiden will defend him against hostile Pokemon and refuses to abandon Jon.
-Understands perfectly that other Pokemon might dislike him due to his affiliation with Jon; is therefore distant, and would not be as affected by others leaving them.
-Protective of younger and/or weaker Pokemon, is less cold and reserved around them.
-His abandonment of both his birth family, then his mate and son, is a major source of guilt and shame for him. The epidemic has only worsened these emotions, since it is likely everyone he abandoned has perished.
-Not fond of following the commands of others. Not hostile or rebellious unless pushed to be so, would mostly not care and simply do what he thinks is best.

User Notes -I named Jon after Jon Snow from ASOIAF/Game of Thrones, but he is not really "based" off of that character.


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