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Using Moves and Fur Loss/Marks


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Using Moves and Fur Loss/Marks

Post by Baloo on Sun May 12, 2013 9:15 pm

I was kinda curious about doing something on impulse or something like that. Like if say a character just got so angry they lashed out with Frustration without realizing they were doing it. Or having a move solely for intimidation but never using it ya know? Like if a character who was appeared small and weak knowing Outrage but not ever using it but openly saying they have it to keep something from picking on them or something.

Would a Pokemon losing fur need a Shiny ticket? I have a Zoroark character in the works who tore and scratched most of the black fluffy fur around his neck off and wondered if that required a Shiny ticket... Also one Eevee I planned to make has a dorsal stripe that comes to a point between his eyes and stretches down his back to the base of his tail, would that require a Shiny ticket or no?

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Re: Using Moves and Fur Loss/Marks

Post by Min on Sun May 12, 2013 11:07 pm

Well they wouldn't need the move in the first place to intimidate another Pokemon, since they can simply state that they have the move. xD I'm sure that having a move but never using it is fine, but I would say that after a long time with never using it, when they do it would be more out-of-control or something of the sort, since they have never used it before.
I think the thing about a Pokemon getting really angry and using a move without realizing it would be fine, too. Since there have been instances of it in the RP. [And there's a few psychic-types who burst into psychic freakouts under stressful circumstances, etc.]

As long as they losed the fur naturally and was not born with it, I'd doubt it would require a shiny or mutator ticket. Think of it like scars and wounds. There are also natural diseases that cause fur to fall out, which I think would be fine as long as how they obtained said disease was legitimate.
As for the dorsal stripe, as long as it does not exceed 25% of the body's colouration, no shiny ticket is needed. Since it is a single stripe, I don't believe it would require one.

As always, wait for the admin's final say, though. \ o /

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Re: Using Moves and Fur Loss/Marks

Post by Victini on Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:21 pm

I'd say that this question has been answered.

Moving to closed threads.


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Re: Using Moves and Fur Loss/Marks

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