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Asche the Absol and Virgil the Liepard [Pyrite, Orre]


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Asche the Absol and Virgil the Liepard [Pyrite, Orre]

Post by Silverishness on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:50 am

Asche and Virgil
Hex Color Asche (#79CDCD)
Virgil (#8B1C62)
Item None
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Young Adult
Species #359/ Absol/ Disaster Pokemon
#510/ Liepard, the Cruel Pokemon
Height 4'2"
Weight 105.6 lbs
81.9 lbs
Pokédex Entry It sharply senses even subtle changes in the sky and the land to predict natural disasters. It is a long-lived Pokémon that has a life-span of 100 years.
Stealthily, it sneaks up on its target, striking from behind before its victim has a chance to react.
Level 44
Ability Super Luck
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Proud of his power
Somewhat vain
-Psycho Cut (egg)
-Ice Beam (egg)
-Perish Song

-Thief (TM)
-Night Slash
-Double Team (TM)
-Pay Day (egg)
History From the moment Asche was born, he was trouble. Born in a poor side of Mauville, where a breeder set up a small business, Asche's egg was left abandoned on the breeder's doorstep, covered in soot and ash. The breeder, being a kind soul, immediately took in the egg and attempted to hatch it. He fondly dubbed the egg "Asche", determined to keep the name, regardless of what came out.

It took thirteen terrible, tense days to get the egg to come to term, but finally, the breeder's tireless hard work paid off. However, upon spotting Asche's odd-colored pelt, the breeder's mind turned to the failing business he was running and immediately put Asche up for sale. After a quick auction, the newborn was given to a photographer/ trainer. However, the money earned from the auction did not save the breeder's business, and he went bankrupt within the week.

For a while, everything was fine. Asche was a normal male, finding trouble wherever he went. He made friends with the other pokemon on the team, especially a calm kadabra by the name of Jake. The two were inseperable, and Asche had never been happier.

Mostly, the photographer simply enjoyed taking pictures of Asche and the rest of his team. The strange-colored absol was a hit in the photography realm, and it wasn't long before Asche found himself stolen away from his trainer and Jake not just once, but many times. Though, Asche would always seem to find his way out of his keeper's hold through some strange phenomena unbeknownst to him. One incident was particularly bad enough to gain media attention; three people died and seven were injured in a freak electrical storm. This earned him enough of a bad reputation that now he wasn't hunted to show, he was hunted to be killed. He was caught in Pyrite, the cess pool for the dregs of humankind to come together in cacophony.

Just his luck.

Then, the strange plague hit. For a while, he wondered vaguely if the rising dead pokemon was somehow his fault as well, since it seemed to crop up wherever he went. Now, he merely tries to get back to his trainer and to Jake, the only good luck he seemed to ever have.

Virgil was born as the first of a small litter. Out in the wild, his father a lazy meowth and his mother a purrloin still, his parents were still too young to really know the responsibilities of reproducing, and when Virgil came to be, they barely knew how to take care of him. Eventually he was ditched to the care of a human, left on the person's doorstep while the parents frolicked off without a care in the world.

The young purrloin grew up quickly, his mind and body maturing at a young age. As soon as he was able, he left his human caretaker to find his family and to find out why he was left behind. He managed to find them, and sorely wished he hadn't sought them out.

His mother had birthed 15 more littermates in the short time Virgil was away. Once she remembered who Virgil was, she put him in charge of the rest of the litter and wandered off. That day killed off his young childhood, having to assume the responsibility for so many siblings.

He learned fast, killing as much prey as he could. He stole from humans, taking foodstuffs and means of making shelters for the growing family. His life was dedicated to his family, to protecting them and making sure they had a better childhood than he...

...until he was captured.

The purrloin didn't know what had hit him, but quickly found himself away from his family in an unknown place. He had traveled much of his home region of Unova, and so he understood that he was no longer there; the smells, the landscape, even all of the pokemon were completely different. After months of training and fighting, he ran from his captor as fast as he could for as long as he could, making his way into the Sinnoh Wetlands.

Only on the way there did he notice odd pokemon, their scents and movements off and ominous. He hides in the wetlands, keeping away from them as he tries to figure out how the hell to get back to his siblings before it's too late...

Appearance Blue and white dappled fur cover his body. A white face, scythe, tail and claws pop out from the navy blue, giving Asche very striking features. His eyes are a bright gold, wide with enthusiasm and life. He has much energy, and usually has a bounce in his step.

He sports a slightly larger frame than a normal liepard, but lacks the weight to fill it out. While used to going hungry for his siblings, his body, especially around the ribs and hips, betrays that he has never truly been well fed in his life. His eyes hold wisdom and experience a pokemon his age shouldn't bear just yet, and, though holding such a frail frame, holds himself with confidence and maturity.
Personality Asche is a very energetic and expressive pokemon. His entire body will reflect his mood, be it fur bristling, tail lashing or simply how he carries himself. Stubborn, a bit ditzy, clumsy, and opinionated, Asche seems like a true fright. However, he is fiercely loyal, generous to those he holds dear, and strives to keep his friends safe. He can be quite childish, whether by his small tantrums or by his naivete, but should never be underestimated. He has a quirk of managing to get out of trouble just as much as he gets himself into it.

Virgil is, since dealing with children depending on him for most of his rather short life, patient, mature, mellow, and used to overbearing responsibility. Though he doesn't normally consider himself a leader, should one be absent, he will not hesitate to take action. Normally, parental figures are a mixed bundle of emotions for him. He yearned them for so long, since his own left him and his siblings to dry. However, since he never got any sort of support, and was always everyone else's rock to lean on, his negativity may come out, since in the back of his mind, they aren't to be trusted. After all, his parents abandoned him and 15 of their other children, why wouldn't any others?

Even with these negative doubts, Virgil is a pokemon for logic, reason and critical thinking. Impressively intelligent when it comes to strategizing, he can usually outwit his opponents rather than outmatching them in strength.
User Notes
Considers himself taken, as he is still looking for his Kadabra lover
Loves music
Prefers to keep alone, since he seems to have bad luck in large numbers.
Perish Song is actually a simple song he seems to have known since infancy; he's not aware it's an attack, but uses it for insomniatic nights
Feels guilty for all the bad luck he thinks he's caused, including the pandemic around him.

-Original Profile is here

-learned Tms from previous owner
-is particularly gifted in hiding/sneaking in the shadows
-very family oriented
-though he hopes his siblings are still alive and strives to find them, he knows that they probably are, in fact, dead.
-Original Profile is here.


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Re: Asche the Absol and Virgil the Liepard [Pyrite, Orre]

Post by Silverishness on Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:52 am

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Re: Asche the Absol and Virgil the Liepard [Pyrite, Orre]

Post by Mewtwo on Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:21 pm



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Re: Asche the Absol and Virgil the Liepard [Pyrite, Orre]

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