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Famaer the Glaceon and Maro the Phanteon [Acuity, Sinnoh|| LEADER]


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Famaer the Glaceon and Maro the Phanteon [Acuity, Sinnoh|| LEADER]

Post by Silverishness on Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:38 am

Famaer and Maro
Hex Color Famaer (#BFEFFF)
Maro (#8B668B)
Item None
Gender Male
Age Older Adult
Species #471/ Glaceon/ Fresh Snow Pokemon
#???/ Phanteon, the Haunted Pokemon
Height 4'09"
Weight 102.4 lbs
25.3 lbs
Pokédex Entry As a protective technique, it can completely freeze its fur to make its hairs stand like needles.
Phanteon is an eevee's soul bound to Earth, which it wanders after its untimely death. It is a common sight in abandoned places, but most of the time, it appears in its old trainer's home after dying in battle. Some even wait there after the trainer is long dead.
Level 64
Ability Snow Cloak
Cursed Body
Nature Serious
Characteristic Proud of his Power
Strong Willed
- Ice Beam (TM)
- Shadow Ball (TM)
- Mirror Coat (Learned)
- Hail (Learned)

-Shadow Ball
-Psychic (TM)
-Frost Breath (TM)

History Famaer was an eevee bred at an eevee farm, where many eevee were born. While it was an honest farm, the breeders were shocked when Famaer hatched, his egg twice the size of a normal egg. He was soon given to a trainer to be properly utilized.

The trainer was a man of high thinking -and indeed thought highly of himself- and taught the young eevee all he knew of the world. He told Famaer the truths and evils of the world, and the eevee took these words to heart. He learned that there are good and evil in the world, and the evil must be purged. They were the different pokemon themselves, and while Famaer was not part of the evil, all Dark, Ghost, Poison and Psychic types were. With this knowledge, he and his trainer went about the world to try and educate people against the evils that these pokemon brought.

Which, predictably, went rather bad.

Mocked, discriminated and often tossed out of towns, they were rogue travelers, trying to get their message across to someone who would listen. But no one ever would. Famaer knew that the Evil Types -as he grew to know them as- were behind it. They were all tricky, manipulative and false. And they were the reason no one would listen. After all, Psychic types could bend the mind to whatever they wished. Everyone was simply brainwashed.

Then the pandemic slowly crept its way across the lands. With the dead now rising, Famaer and his trainer soon found the vermin devouring and destroying any and all things they came across, and the Evil Types were promptly blamed. The trainer soon died from an infected gallade's attack, which only strengthened Famaer's resolve. He was not going to lay down. He was not going to go quietly into the night. He was going to do what his trainer could not: purge the world of its own evils.

Maro and her father had been long-time pets of her owners, an order of monks, who happy to keep a number of such rare pokemon at their sides. Her father, Izel, tried to teach her the human's religion, as it was an integral part of their lives. She was devout as he was, and did not go astray. It was a peaceful life of prayer, hope and solemn, reverent, soul-soothing music. She loved her home, a beautiful Gothic cathedral, the mosiac windows and stained glass filling it with Divine color, and she thought she would never leave it.


One day, there was another eevee outside of the protective fences surrounding the cathedral and its gardens. The eevee, Rayne, asked what she was doing, and she replied, "The Lord's work." After he laughed in her face, she soon found herself outside and tussling with the eevee, chasing and fighting. Hours passed, and the two children found themselves not only piss tired, but hopelessly lost. They struck up a conversation, to help the time pass as the mustered the energy to find their way back.

Maro's time with Rayne proved to be longer than expected when he led her back to a trainer, who promptly caught her. Maro was very upset at first, of course, but over the months of traveling and training, she couldn't help but settle. She learned to adore her teammates and trainer, and while she enjoyed her new family, her heart yearned for the heavenly cathedral and her father. She even produced a family, a small little eevee kit of her own to look after.

Her trainer evolved Rayne into a vaporeon, but couldn't bring himself to evolve Maro just yet. No eeveelution he knew of suited her. There was something different about her, something none of the other types really captured her. So he waited, and she remained an eevee.

It was a while before Maro could not stand it any longer, and stole away for her old home. Her trainer and Rayne caught up with her, but after talking it out, they decided to embark for the cathedrral together. Finally, she would see her father and ensure she was all right... She wasn't sure if he knew she was still alive.

They arrived at the cathedral to a neutral welcome. And while her father was shocked to see her alive, he was livid that she had abandoned them for a life of useless pilgramage, a prideful path to greed and power. He attacked, and killed Rayne, her kit, and herself. Izel was more or less shocked when her body erupted into light, and then switched to an eerie, ethereal wisp. She had evolved, her form a specter of its old self.

Horrified at what had happened, Izel further attempted to kill her, launching attack after attack at his former daughter. Her rage, betrayal and eternal sorrow consuming her, she retaliated, killing him in a blind rage. She escaped the dim, silent cathedral with her trainer and vowed to never return. She herself had destroyed her own Paradise. Regardless, her trainer kept his faith in her and kept her by his side as they ran from the murder scene, unwilling to try and explain themselves to the authorities.

It was not long afterward that the Infected began to infest the region. She and her trainer tried preparing themsevles both physically and mentally, sharpening their skills as best they could. Her trainer even got a hold of some more powerful TMs to better equip his now only pokemon. However, even this wasn't enough. He was slaughtered in the dead of night, leaving Maro to fend for herself. She stuck to shadows, fading in and out of this plane in order to slip by unnoticed.

Appearance Famaer is an enormous specimen of his species, towering over his kin. At nearly 5 feet tall, he is an intimidating presence. His coat is bedraggled from years of wandering, and a scowl is generally present on his face.

Maro is a rather unremarkable Phanteon, and holds all of the normal standards for the species.
Personality Cold| Prejudiced| Narrow-Minded| Loyal| Unchanging| Stubborn| Faithful| Religious| Leader| Fiercely Protective

Famaer is a pokemon with a very set collection of morals and ethics. As a pokemon raised by a man of the cloth, his dogma is deeply steeped in religion and faith. There is good, and there is evil. Very few times is there room for a gray area, since all matters to him are black and white.

Because of this deep connection with religion, he has many good qualities. He is terribly loyal, even to his own demise, to those he deems his friends or flock. He puts others' safety above his own, and would happily give his life for the good of all. He does not fear death, only that he would fail those he tries to save when he does die.

Of course, this sort of narrow-minded thinking causes a lot of problems. He is extremely stubborn, unwilling or even unable to allow new ideas or concepts into his mind and affect his decisions. Anything new is something to be cautious of, especially in this new time and era. He has a fierce prejudice for all that he has been taught to be evil, which are all pokemon of the Dark, Ghost, Psychic, Dragon and Poison types. He legitimately, honestly think that the plague has descended from these "Evils", and that they are dragging the whole of the earth down into the pits of Hell itself. Legitly.

Maro is first and foremost motherly, and that includes all of the pros and cons that come with that title. She's protective of any she considers close, and will fight viciously to protect them. She can be demanding and bossy, however, telling her younger teammates what to do and how to do it. While there's never any malice behind it, it can come off as nagging. She's very compassionate, caring and generous, often letting others eat before she cares to. She's easily worried when it comes to her family. Patient, loving, and genuinely concerned for the welfare around her, Maro is truly a mother, even without her own brood.

However, there is a dark to the light. As much of a paragon of virtue she may be, her temper is nothing to provoke. Famous to those that truly know her -all of which are dead, orz- once her fuze is lit, there's little to be done to stop it. She becomes vengeful, scornful, and a little sadistic. It would be wise to never cross this ghost.
User Notes
-Original Profile is here Added Personality and Appearance, since the profile was approved before they were required fields

-Is a pretty level-headed lady.
-Tends to not talk about what happened at the cathedral, and if she were to happen upon another, she would not go in.
-Doesn't know why she evolved.
-I edited her history as well, as her TM moves didn't make sense with the fact that in her old history, her trainer died before she evolved. So... she wouldn't have had those TM's... |D Hope that makes things better :3
-Original Profile is here.


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Re: Famaer the Glaceon and Maro the Phanteon [Acuity, Sinnoh|| LEADER]

Post by Silverishness on Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:38 pm

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Re: Famaer the Glaceon and Maro the Phanteon [Acuity, Sinnoh|| LEADER]

Post by Mewtwo on Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:05 pm



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Re: Famaer the Glaceon and Maro the Phanteon [Acuity, Sinnoh|| LEADER]

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