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Decomposition + Scent



Decomposition + Scent

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:54 pm

In Epidemic time, I'm assuming that the time it took place was nearly two years ago. So, considering Undead Pokemon, heat is said to speed up infection and decay. In the process of decomposition, how will an Undead fight it? And if the process continues, will the Undead simply drop to the floor paralyzed and unable to move while rotting, or will the Undead disappear into dust with a touch?

With the Epidemic, Undead Pokemon should be in 'Advance Decay' (but of course, there are several factors that can affect this such as; Access to scavengers, humidity, temperature, oxygen, body size, etc. etc.)

Also, another thing that bothered me is smell. If one were to cover themselves in Undead muck, would they be mistaken as Undead in an Undead's eyes? Or would they be easily seen as a living? -Just a reference to the Walking Dead-

Thank you for reading.


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Re: Decomposition + Scent

Post by Suicune on Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:24 pm

I didn't even see this. B[
To answer your questions:
An undead can't fight decomposition directly; the only REAL way to slow it down is to go to the appropriate climate area.

Sometimes, it can take years for bodies to decompose completely; sometimes more, if it's someplace where bacterias and such aren't as active.
But over time, their flesh would literally rot away. A slow and painful transition, but eventually they'll be nothing but skeleton.
One key note however, is that once their brain is rotted completely, they stop moving, since that is what makes their body function.

As for the smell- yes. If you smell like a corpse, chances are you may be overlooked. Of course, depending on undead species, other things may come into play...for instance, if they can hear a living heartbeat, or see/feel body heat.
Undead have neither of those.

And a more direct reference to the walking dead; fresh blood smells much different from old, coagulated blood.
So fresh blood will probably give a living being away.


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Re: Decomposition + Scent

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:14 pm

Thanks B] Now I can make an awesome Walking Dead Reference on roleplay //shot

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