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Yasille the Freaking Happy Ampharos/ whatever [WIP]


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Yasille the Freaking Happy Ampharos/ whatever [WIP]

Post by Silverishness on Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:53 am

Name- Yasille

Gender- Female

Level- 18

Signal Beam (Egg)

Ability- Static

Nature- Quirky

Characteristics- Impetuous and silly

National Dex No./Species- #180 Flaaffy/The Wool Pokémon)

Height- 2'07"

Weight- 26 lbs

Pokédex Entry-
As a result of storing too much electricity, it developed patches where even downy wool won't grow

Item- none

Yasille was born in Olivine, to the family of ampharos that cared for the lighthouse. She was the last born before the epidemic, and used what little weeks she had before it struck training herself to keep up the family tradition: using the family attack, signal beam, to keep the ships safe at night. Her family and friends always complimented her on her "bright" outlook on life, and assured the little sheep how easy her job would be when she took it. For she was a gentle ray of sunshine, always wanting to help, always willing to stretch her generous rays of sunshine out to those lost in the dark.

However, her dream to become the successor was quickly extinguished when the Infected came, her family fleeing with her under orders from Jasmine. They almost made it to Mahogany when they fell, leaving the small mareep kid to her own devices.

Though her short life had been frought with peril, loss and sadness, her bright spirits never faltered, her endless optimism keeping her going as she ventured out alone into the vast expanses of the world and into Shinnoh, searching for the border that her parents so desperately were trying to find.

Maybe she could give light to anyone else she came across.

User Note-

-Freaking happy. ALL the time. Optimistic to the bitter end
-Doesn't really talk about things that make her sad
-Always the first to help someone out in need
-Keeps away from things that smell like death (she's naive, not that stupid)
-Outgoing to any living
-Is still very much a kid, so most mature concepts don't really get through to her



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