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Dark Days are Ahead...
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The LEGENDARY Team II - Page 9 Empty Re: The LEGENDARY Team II

Post by Azelf on Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:36 pm

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Vermillion City Outskirts || Evening || 11

"Yes, that would be true. Johto is just west of the Kanto region, and Mt. Silver acts as their border, of sorts. Our home region is to the north... and from my knowledge, Hoenn is a little more to the south. Of course, with our ability to teleport, distance is not too large of a problem..."

"Mmm... hopefully, it won't be..." Teleportation was a problem for the blue pixie when his stamina was low. Not as hard as it might be for a normal psychic type, but hard enough.

"If you continue with your plan to explore the Kanto region for a while longer, then that is well with me. I, on the other hand, consider turning back to Sinnoh. After all, it is the coldest of the regions and therefore where infection should move slowest, and where our home resides. There is the possibility that Mesprit has returned there, or never left."

"I may turn back to Sinnoh as well. But again; haven't quite decided..."

At least if I need you, I know where to start looking...

"We shall meet again soon, Azelf." It wasn't much, but it was something. At this point, that was all Azelf could ask of the yellow fairy in such dire circumstances. "Perhaps we should keep a date on our minds to meet once more here in Vermillion City, Kanto. After all, I do know how you worry. Would a month or two be a good margin of time?"

"Y-yes, that would be a wonderful idea. I... I will see you then..."

He looked away a bit, feeling the emotion welling up inside him again. He should leave right now or else he would be too tempted to stay...

But there was something he needed to say first.

"Stay safe, Little Brother. Do come find me if you need me for anything. I love you..." His forehead jewel glowed, the little blue body glowed, and then he was gone.

(And my leaving post is done; I shall soon start floating. :3)


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