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(ACE) The MARSH Team


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Re: (ACE) The MARSH Team

Post by ShadowCharizard on Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:26 pm

OoC)) Skip, Felix remains absolutely still and is covered with the blanket keeping his cough suppressed as much as he could.
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Re: (ACE) The MARSH Team

Post by Uxie on Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:22 pm

❖ Pastoria City + Afternoon + 42 ❖

The mud was yielding, Uxie could feel it. The flow remained constant but was slowing considerably already; it would not be long before they could continue safely. However, while a calm was coming over the force of nature one of his companions felt naught but distress. "We're screwed," was the start to an exorbitant display. "What are we supposed to do?!" Could she not sense the receding danger?

With a more appropriate calm R'hia hushed the child, letting logic flow through her words. "Besides, Uxie has the best sense of us all, we should try and take what he says into our plans. Who knows, maybe this was our way in without being easily noticed?" Floating down closer to the mud the Legend was curious of any plans the human had thought along that idea as he had thought of only one 'clean' plan.

Angling his head toward the fire escape that the Aiveon clung to he paused before speaking. "It is unlikely the other Pokemon will approach the mud until they consider it safe. Precautions would have been taken long ago to keep their supplies safe, and if there is a watch that would be enough to ensure they work properly." With a bob and weave he 'gestured' to the surrounding alley. These buildings had been designed to withstand such weather and events, so while tedious to clear mud would be no real hazard once still.

Moving closer to the fire escape the pixie doubted that was its actual intended use here despite its known name. "Our destination has nearly been brought to us by this event. It is two buildings over, and traversing the rooftops would prove quicker than slogging through rivers of muck."


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Re: (ACE) The MARSH Team

Post by Dandelion on Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:42 pm

Pastoria City || Afternoon [Storming]
Eleroo 115 || Seek 106

Seek's wide eyes were filled with massive pupils, but even as they narrowed at R'hia's words the bug-eyed look did not dissipate. "We stop getting any louder than we need to, first of all. Who knows who heard anything at all? Like Uxie said, mudslides are common enough, do you really think they'll be overly curious of this?" Digging her claws through the holes in the metal grate Seek bared her fangs at the human. YES. How would any creature get used to this? How would anyone get to a point where this was normal? Giving her wings a hard flap the Aiveon flicked as much water and mud off them in one motion. Had the human not just condemned her voice she would have given her a piece of her mind. Boy, it was getting harder and harder to old back..

"Fine," she hissed through gritted teeth as R'hia continued. Tucking her wings back in the newly evolved flying type worried just how much this mud would effect her. It was heavier than she remembered, and flying seemed to be completely out of the question now. Pushing that worry away Seek resisted the urge to groan as Uxie spoke. "Our destination has nearly been brought to us by this event. It is two buildings over, and traversing the rooftops would prove quicker than slogging through rivers of muck." Turning her head sharply the Nebula Pokemon narrowed her eyes suspiciously. She had already ruled this path out yet the legend thought it best? Was he a fool, or was she missing something blatantly obvious?

Objection hung on her tongue, but before it could come out there were two sounds. Eleroo squatted, wiggling his hindquarters before jumping bravely to the fire escape and causing a deep thunk from the dumpster. The second came from his torso and paws giving a wet thud on the metal grates upon landing. With a single pant he scrabbled to his paws and quickly scurried up the first flight of steps to make sure R'hia had room. "Could they see us up there?" He asked nervously, eyes staring out toward the city. "We'll be sitting targets.." With a heavy groan Seek acquiesced and started up the steps as well. She gave him a rough nudge and forced his paws back into motion. "Just stay low." She said so simply, but the words only comforted him slightly, as though they had been held back.

Glancing anxiously at R'hia and Uxie as he walked the Radeon shuddered at the thought of being spotted. "What about noise?" He asked, his sodden fur prickling. Just his claws clicking on the metal was enough to make him panic. Once they were on top, no, on the Mart itself, what was stopping the others from hearing them? "They'll hear us inside for sure." Giving an audible swallow Eleroo almost chocked on his saliva. He should have never come on this mission.. "You really think they could discern steps from the pounding of rain?" Seek scoffed back at him. Her confidence seemed to be returning, or at least a facade of it as she jumped over him to take the lead. "You worry too much."

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Re: (ACE) The MARSH Team

Post by Baloo on Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:40 am

Great Marsh|Afternoon (83)

Shenron lowered himself back down on his stomach and slowed his breathing. Right. Stay still. He just watched and listened. They'd move on if there was nothing to steal right? It made sense! Shenron looked at Felix from the corner of his eye readying his hand to cover the kit if he started coughing again. He could feel some tense-ness in the air and it greatly unsettled him. Like that deep breath before you jumped into the water. You knew it was going to be uncomfortable and the discomfort wasn't going to go away for a bit. Nonethless he had a rude burning hot awakening ready if it went that way.

((OoC: That's unfortunately all I can come up with))

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Re: (ACE) The MARSH Team

Post by R'hia Kyrie on Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:16 pm

The Great Marsh – Terminal || Afternoon
Asura 46 || R'hia 22

R’hia measures her own expressions carefully as the sees Seek’s face contort into a rather spiteful look. Now Asura’s words about her are making sense… in the heat of the moment, her lack of experience shows less than her youth and emotion. But still she holds herself together- if nothing else, she knew it best to not make a scene, or at least a noisy one, right now.

Keeping quiet, she mulls over the suggestion of the Legend. From a distance, it would have been foolish- but this close? It’s not like they’ll be seeing things jumping from rooftop to rooftop from two blocks away. That, and while the mudslide may indeed subside, it still leaves the bath on the ground completely bathed in a sludge, which would hamper them in a few ways. Up, down, neither… oh? ”Uxie, is there anyone inside the buildings?” Two buildings over, but at this point they’d have cleared out anything… and, maybe even left them be after? ”Living or dead?”

She uses her uninjured hand to hoist herself a bit, following Eleroo up as seek rather hypocritally chides him for having worries. Something she notes, but doesn’t actively call it out for the time being.

((OOC: posting with permission from Colress after having unforeseen work come into play yesterday. Baloo, I’m actually going to message you, I wasn’t sure if it’s you controlling the new entity or not, so I’d like to clarify some things before assuming incorrectly; thus why Asura has no part in this post.))

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Re: (ACE) The MARSH Team

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